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"A Teacher affects eternity's; he can never tell where this influence stops."

--Henry B. Adams

American Institute for Early Childhood Education Training







Vision and Mission



American Nanny and Parenting Institute will enrich lives by challenging all students to become successful, lifelong learners who strengthen the childcare industry in a diverse and changing world.



American Nanny and Parenting Institute provides a comprehensive student-centered learning community for all who can benefit  by offering innovative instructional and student support  programs that respond to the educational needs of our childcare industry.

 We fulfill this mission as an institution of higher education through:

--General Education

--Career and Technical Education

--Basic Skills Education

--Workforce Development

--Comprehensive Student Services

--Community Education

--Partnerships with the Community

Core Values


We value and encourage innovation, creativity and commitment in achieving and sustaining a quality educational environment through continuous improvement.


We value others and ourselves as unique individuals and celebrate both our commonalities and differences. We promote open communication, ongoing collaboration and the free exchange of ideas.


We value mutual respect, honor the dignity of each individual and foster a civil and ethical environment


We value learning as a lifelong process and strive to adapt and be responsive to new challenges and opportunities.


We value social responsibility and hold ourselves accountable for the efficient and effective use of the human, physical and fiscal resources entrusted to us.

Who we are

American Nanny and Parenting Institute is one of three Nanny schools in the entire United States; and the only one of its kind Early Childhood Education School to integrate the Teacher and Nanny Certification programs. Our Certified Early Childhood Education programs leads to national accreditation as a Child Development Associate (CDA) and a Certified Professional  Nanny approved and accepted in all 50 states including Puerto Rico & Guam.

American Nanny and Parenting Institute has practicum partnerships with The CH Goddard School, 10 Camden County Headstart, Acelero Learning and Bright Horizon Family Solutions, rated by Forbes and CNN Money as 100 top companies to work for.

Start your schooling today!

ANPI has adopted the Cohort model. Students attend classes year-round with convenient breaks provided throughout the year. Class sessions are typically available in the morning day and evening, on line(self Pace) or Online (live instruction) depending on student enrollment.

Learning is a lifetime endeavor and with our nations expanding of early childhood education needs, we are ready to help you succeed on your voyage.

The American Nanny & Parenting Institute, an institute for early childhood education is here to  improve the quality of child care and home life.

All of our Professional Development programs contain coordinated and Interactive instruction featuring classroom presentations and discussions; field trip participation, experimentation with a wide variety of projects, special guess speakers, tours of partner child care facilties, work hands on practicum in childcare  settings and career placement assistance.





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